Custom Ordering

Have you always had a dream of that perfect bag for holding all your items? Would you like a belt that grants you the strength of a hill giant? Or maybe just a simple monogramed wallet for that special Corvid in your life. 💙🐦‍⬛


Magic or not, we'd love to make that for you! Fortunately all you need to do is email us here with some preliminary information and we'll do the best we can to accommodate your request. 


When filling out your initial contact form please include:

  1. Your name
  2. A general idea of what item(s) you're looking for (i.e. slouchy bag, 5-pocket  bifold wallet, quiver for arrows, etc.)
  3. Any details you'd like, such as hardware color, monogrammed, thread color, leather color, type of leather, etc.


Once your email has been received we'll do some research on our end here on any supplies that we have on hand and what we'll need to order. We'll then contact you to coordinate and estimated time and price for the piece, as there could be delays if we don't have the specific leather in stock.