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Corvid Blu

Bag of 999 Ball Bearings

Bag of 999 Ball Bearings

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Calling all cunning adventurers and masters of tactics!

Equip yourself with our Bag of Ball Bearings to outsmart your foes and pave your way to victory.

Contained within a rugged leather pouch, meticulously crafted with machine-sewn precision and reinforced by grommeted holes with leather lace, this pouch ensures that not a single ball bearing escapes until you're ready.

For unparalleled convenience, we've added a sturdy belt loop on the back of the pouch. Now, you can securely fasten your Bag of 1,000 Ball Bearings to your belt, keeping them within easy reach and ready to deploy in an instant.

In the heat of pursuit, employ these ball bearings to gain the upper hand. Create treacherous terrain for your pursuers as you artfully scatter these bearings on the ground. Watch as your enemies stumble and fall, their pursuit thwarted by your ingenuity.

A must-have for any adventurer's toolkit, these ball bearings are your ticket to strategic advantage. Whether you're navigating perilous dungeons, outwitting cunning foes, or simply ensuring a swift getaway, trust in the reliability of Bag of 1,000 Ball Bearings to keep you steps ahead of the game. Add them to your gear, secure them with the belt loop, and let the pursuit of victory begin!

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