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Corvid Blu

Corvid Blu's Eye of Bird View

Corvid Blu's Eye of Bird View

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This small piece of crystalized copper, seemingly as dark as the vast expanse of space, holds within it a mesmerizing array of glittering specks that resemble a starry night sky. The small obsidian-like crystal with sparkling star-like facets within, resonates with a faint but captivating allure. When gazed upon, it seems to draw one's vision into a deep, starlit abyss, promising an unconventional view of the surroundings.

Origins: The reclusive artificer, Corvid Blu, whose fascination with avian perspectives led to the creation of this crystalline artifact. By melding copper with enchantments inspired by the cosmos, the artificer crafted this peculiar item, said to grant the gift of a bird's eye vantage.

Lore: Some tales recount how this item was used by scouts and tacticians seeking a strategic edge in battles. It's said that the crystal was once a part of a larger network of similar items, each representing a specific facet of observation, until they were dispersed across the realms.

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