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Corvid Blu

"Crowjay Was Here" Stickers

"Crowjay Was Here" Stickers

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Add a dash of mischievous charm and a touch of Crowjay's character to your world with our "Crowjay Was Here" sticker. Measuring 3"x2" and featuring the classic "Kilroy Was Here" motif, this sticker is a delightful blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair. 

  • Versatile See-Through Design: Crafted with a see-through background, this sticker seamlessly integrates into any surface you choose. It's like having a personal artistic touch wherever you place it.

  • Crowjay's Playful Presence: Our sticker showcases Crowjay in the iconic style of "Kilroy Was Here," making it a delightful addition to your belongings, devices, or any surface of your choice.

  • Nostalgia Meets Modernity: Inspired by the legendary WW2 meme, our "Crowjay Was Here" sticker adds a unique twist to a classic symbol, creating a conversation starter and a statement piece.

  • Durable Adhesive: Designed to stay put, this sticker boasts a strong adhesive, ensuring it remains securely attached to your chosen surface, whether it's a laptop, water bottle, notebook, or anything else you fancy.

  • Perfect Size: Measuring 3"x2", it's the ideal size for easy placement without overwhelming your items, making it perfect for personalizing your possessions.

Elevate your personal style and showcase your love for Crowjay with this versatile and playful sticker. Wherever you choose to place it, let Crowjay's whimsical presence brighten your day. Grab yours now and let the adventures begin!

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