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Corvid Blu

Macawten's Aviator Denim Jacket

Macawten's Aviator Denim Jacket

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Introducing "Macawten's Aviator Denim Jacket" - a tribute to the unconventional and the bold, inspired by the distinguished characteristics of both parrots and aviation. Crafted especially for the modern woman seeking a distinctive edge in her wardrobe, this small-sized denim jacket marries comfort with audacious style.

The light, faded blue denim of "Macawten's Aviator" echoes the free-spirited nature of the skies, while the striking black buffalo leather sleeves, meticulously hand-stitched with vibrant yellow thread, adding a rebellious yet sophisticated touch.

Embracing the spirit of flight and avian elegance, we've incorporated carabiners as unconventional sleeve closures, redefining the conventional and infusing the piece with a touch of adventure and innovation.

This unique piece, although divergent from the Corvid-themed line, introduces "Doc Macawten's" signature - an homage to the parrot's vivid nature and the rugged spirit of aviation. It's a fusion of untamed beauty and unconventional styling, offering a refreshing and distinctive addition to your wardrobe.

Dare to embrace the unconventional, the audacious, and the free-spirited essence of "Macawten's Aviator Denim Jacket." Elevate your style with a piece that mirrors the boldness of parrots, the adventure of flight, and the captivating allure of the unexpected.

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