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Corvid Blu

Infernoflame Rapier

Infernoflame Rapier

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The Inferno-Flame Rapier

A masterpiece born from skilled craftsmanship and designed for the boldest adventurers of the realm. Crafted by the hands of the Darkwood Armory, this exceptional weapon is more than a blade; it's a work of art, a testament to both form and function.

Flamberge Mastery: The Infernoflame Rapier features a striking flamberge design, a blade known for its mesmerizing wave-like patterns and impeccable balance. While its edge remains blunted, the safety rubber tip ensures that practice and training are conducted without harm. Ideal for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) enthusiasts, this rapier offers both style and safety.

Intricate Artistry: Every detail of the Infernoflame Rapier speaks of masterful craftsmanship. The hilt boasts a rich, black finish adorned with a stunning floral motif, a nod to the natural world's beauty. An intricately designed basket guard provides exemplary hand protection, blending functionality with elegance. The blued pommel adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining the weapon's equilibrium.

A Weapon for the Bold: Step into the role of the intrepid adventurer, armed with the Infernoflame Rapier. Whether you're engaging in spirited duels, honing your martial skills, or seeking to make a statement with a weapon that embodies both art and magic, this rapier is your trusted companion.

Disclaimer: Our Avian Attorney would like us to mention that this is a blunted blade with a safety tip of rubber. According to "Bird Law" you cannot legally sell a Flamberge-style sword without advising the customer that [REDACTED] was used to blunt the edge.

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