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Corvid Blu

Opalwing Purse of Prosperity

Opalwing Purse of Prosperity

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Wondrous Item (Small vertical card wallet), Rare

This exquisite Opalwing Purse of Prosperity is a compact, stylish accessory crafted by the renowned artisan, Corvid Blu. Fashioned from the finest leather and adorned with a captivating boulder opal on its front, it bears the distinctive mark of its maker on the top closure flap.


The Opalwing Purse of Prosperity is a small, ornate wallet designed to hold cards and currency with elegance and efficiency. The outer surface features a mesmerizing boulder opal, its kaleidoscopic hues seemingly alive within the stone, a shimmering spectrum of colors that dance and shift with every movement. The opal's mystical properties interact with the wallet's magic to bestow the holder with a subtle advantage in acquiring and managing currency.


1. Coin Magnetism: While the purse is on the person's possession, it subtly attracts loose coins and currency, increasing the chance of finding extra coins or small denominations. Whether tucked into a pocket or held within a bag, coins seem to find their way into the purse, gradually accumulating within its compartments.

2. Currency Conversion: Once per day, by gently rubbing the opal and focusing on a specific type of currency, the purse can convert a small amount of the carried currency into the desired type. For instance, transforming a handful of copper coins into silver or silver coins into gold with a gentle touch, aiding in the practical management of wealth.

3. Merchant's Bargain: When presented during a purchase or negotiation, the wallet imbues its holder with a subtle charm, increasing the persuasiveness and charisma of the bearer. It facilitates favorable deals, discounts, or more generous offers from vendors, aiding in financial transactions and endeavors.


The Opalwing Purse of Prosperity does not create currency out of thin air but enhances the holder's ability to manage and acquire it through its magical properties. While it may assist in financial matters, its true value lies in the empowerment and resourcefulness it offers to its owner in the realm of commerce and trade.

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