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Corvid Blu

The Jackdaw

The Jackdaw

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A four-pocket card holder that embodies Corvid charm and minimalist versatility. Handcrafted with precision, it's a testament to elegance in simplicity and the timeless artistry of handmade leather goods.

  • Spirited Minimalism: The Jackdaw card holder captures the essence of its Corvid namesake – spirited and elegant. Designed for those who value minimalist efficiency, it's a companion that celebrates the beauty of simplicity.
  • Elegant Essentialism: With four pockets designed for purpose, the Jackdaw seamlessly organizes your cards while exuding a touch of Corvid charm. Style and functionality harmonize effortlessly.
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, the Jackdaw is a testament to the enduring quality of handmade leather goods. Every stitch is saddle stitching, ensuring the Jackdaw's durability. This technique guarantees a companion that stands the test of time.
  • Minimalism, Maximized: The Jackdaw isn't just a card holder; it's an embodiment of the philosophy that less is more. As you hold the Jackdaw, you hold a piece of the timeless legacy of handmade leather goods.

Elevate your essentials with the Jackdaw card holder – a tribute to Corvid charm, minimalist elegance, and the artistry that defines Corvid Blu.

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